whirl1 [wə:l US wə:rl] v
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language]
1.) [I and T]
to turn or spin around very quickly, or to make someone or something do this
We watched the seagulls whirling and shrieking over the harbour.
whirl about/around/toward etc
She whirled around and her look shook him.
whirl sb/sth about/around/away etc
He whirled her round in his arms.
if your head is whirling, or if thoughts are whirling in your head, your mind is full of thoughts and ideas, and you feel very confused or excited
His head was whirling with excitement.
The implications began to whirl around her head.
whirl 2
whirl2 [i]n
1.) give sth a whirl informal
to try something that you are not sure you are going to like or be able to do
Why don't you give golf a whirl?
2.) [singular]
a lot of activity of a particular kind
the social whirl of New York publishing
whirl of
The next two days passed in a whirl of activity .
3.) be in a whirl
to feel very excited or confused about something
His mind was in a whirl and he was worried.
4.) [C usually singular]
a spinning movement or the shape of something that is spinning
whirl of
A car rumbled over the bumpy dirt road, leaving behind a whirl of white dust.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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